4v4 Playing Rules

Game Play

4 on 4

No Checking in all divisions



3 Minute Warmup

Two 22 Minute Run-Time Periods (Time Permitting)



No switching sides, goalies will remain in their net for the duration of the game unless otherwise agreed upon by coaches. Goalie arrangements (i.e., swapping) may occur upon agreement of both coaches. Changes on the fly or at whistles.

Goalie rotation between teams is allowed at the agreement of coaches.



Person who drew the penalty must take the shot, no substitutions allowed.

Shooter starts at blue line. All other players are behind center red line. On the whistle, chasers can chase the shooter. If no goal is scored, the play is live.

  • Minor Penalty - 1 Penalty Shot
  • Double Minor - 2 Penalty Shot
  • Major Penalty - Game Ejection plus 2 Penalty Shot
  • Game Misconduct - Game Ejection, 2 Penalty Shot, 1 Game Suspension
  • Coincidental Penalties - Both players return to bench until next shift
  • Fighting - Game Ejection, 2 Penalty Shot, 2 Game Suspension, plus Mandatory Meeting with Program Director

3 minor penalties or 2 double minor penalties will result in game ejection.

Offsides and icing (same as regulation play)

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