Code of Conduct

All coaches, players, parents and spectators will display good sportsmanship in their conduct in all activities and will at all times conduct themselves appropriately. Players, coaches, parents and spectators must adhere to the USA Hockey Code of Conduct and abide by all provisions at all times or be subject to disciplinary action by the Program. In particular, but not exclusively, the following standards of conduct shall be observed:

  • Foul, disrespectful, or abusive language or gestures by any player, coach, parent, or associated spectator will not be tolerated
  • Harassment of officials, players, coaches, or spectators by any player, coach, parent, or associated spectator will not be tolerated
  • Currently-promulgated USA Hockey rules, including without limitation policies on sexual and physical abuse, shall govern the conduct of all coaches, players, parents, and associated volunteers unless the rules and regulations of CT Hockey, LLC impose a higher standard of conduct
  • Any behavior, whether specifically associated with CT Hockey activities or distinct from them, deemed inappropriate by the Program, in its sole discretion

In addition to the general standards of conduct set forth above, players shall observe any reasonable, non-discriminatory, and fairly-applied team rule clearly communicated to players and parents by a coach. In particular, but not exclusively, players may be disciplined for:

  • Hazing or other abusive treatment of other players
  • Stealing property or equipment
  • Destruction or damage to another person's property
  • Destruction or damage to facilities used by CT Hockey and it’s opponents
  • Use of alcohol or other controlled substances, including illegal drugs of any kind
  • Lack of adherence to player code of conduct in locker rooms
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