4 v 4 Summer League

U18 Black


Player Account Phone Email
Beau Bacon Megan Bacon 8609302942 mnbacon@comcast.net
Connor Dainiak Connor Dainiak 203-597-7744 Jadis192@gmail.com
Mason Gautreau Guy Gautreau 6179570191 guide302@hotmail.com
Sam Heller Katie Heller 4159714127 katieheller@comcast.net
Blake Ittleson (G) Beth Ittleson 8608998060 bsittleson@sbcglobal.net
ryan jainchill ryan jainchill 8606775531 djainchill@gmail.com
Alex Malan Douglas Malan 8607704027 dougmalan@gmail.com
Nicholas Paolitto Nicholas Paolitto 8608368481 Rpaolitto@gmail.com
Holden Patrissi Heather Patrissi 8607987743 heatherbee71@yahoo.com
Garrett Selstad Natalie Lavergne 8608368103 natalie.lavergne@comcast.net
Graydon Selstad (G) Natalie Lavergne 8608368103 natalie.lavergne@comcast.net
Aiden Shaughnessy Leanne Shaughnessy 8608056980 lshaugh2001@yahoo.com
Jack Wenz John Wenz 8455276107 jbwboats@gmail.com

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